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The RSMS is a suite of software programs I am writing to help out the management of the Brussels Sports Association ( The software is free for anyone who wants to use: customizations can be obtained at a price.

The first module, the Team Builder, is available for download and use (see below). Its purpose is to construct balanced teams from a pool of kids given information about their skill levels and taking into account siblings, car pool requests and the nights the kids are available to attend practice. Any of these elements can be ignored if they are not applicable.

A second component, the Scheduler, is being tested and can be downloaded although no documentation is available yet. This is a fairly sophisticated piece of software which schedules games for multiple leagues which must share fields. Given information about the number of teams in each league, their field needs, the field availabilities and the number of leagues, a season schedule is automatically generated. Various tools are available for editing and maintaining the schedules as the season progresses. The schedules can be exported in html format and as Excel spreadsheets.

Email me at . My homepage is

To download and use the software, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the files from this location: click here. You only need the files that end in "jar" and "html". Put them all in one directory.
  2. If you don't have it, get the Java 2, release 1.4 (or latest) runtime engine
    • You can get it by clicking this link and clicking on the Download button on the right.
    • Important Note for Windows users. While installing the JRE, unless you have a compelling reason to do so, do not allow the Java JRE to become the default Java engine for MSIE's handling of Internet applets. This choice frequently results in a significant decrease in performance. The JRE installation program gives you the opportunity to choose this option, and it is selected by default. Deselect this option unless you really need to use JRE 1.4 for Internet applets.
  3. Install the RSMS software
    • Put all jar files anywhere on your system (but they must be in the same directory). A good idea is to put it in a new directory since it will generate useful files that you need to be able to find.
    • If you are running Windows, you may want to create a shortcut to start Team Builder or Scheduler.
      1. Right-click on an empty space on yor desktop and choose New-->Shortcut.
      2. Click on "Browse" and find the Team Builder or Scheduler jar file.
      3. Double-clicking the short cut should start the software. If not, you may have to perform one additional step:
      4. Only if the short-cut doesn't work: Right-click the short-cut and choose "Properties". In the "Target" entry box, before whatever is written, type "java -jar ". So if it initally reads "c:\rsms\rsms_tb-20031125.jar" you would have: "java -jar c:\rsms\rsms_tb-20031125.jar".
      5. That's all - finish up. Make sure the shortcut has a useful name (and not something like "java.exe"). <\li>
  4. You may want to look at the User Guide which you can access from the Help menu in Team Builder or by clicking here. A sample data-file can be downloaded by left clicking the link here and choosing "Save as ...".

To send comments, bug reports, feature requests, compliments or massive donations email me at

Team Builder: automatic generation of balanced sports teams

version 0.32 (09/03/2005): minor bug fixes

version 0.3 (25/11/2003): includes display of availability on draft page + bug fixes

version 0.2 (23/11/2003): includes ability to read Excel files + bug fixes

version 0.1 (12/11/2003): first release

Team Scheduler: automatic scheduling of a managed sports league

version 0.32 (09/03/2005): first experimental release

The java Excel library JExcelApi is the product of Alan Kahn

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